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I would like this blog to be an aide to my students or anyone else attempting to learn English.

This blog is an amalgamation of what I have learned from books, internet forums, blogs, and classes (both taught and taken). As we all know, the Internet is a font of knowledge, but some people become so bedazzled and beguiled that they fall into a sort of informational fugue whereby, entranced as they are, they forget to credit their sources. Or that’s my guess about it anyway. While I have tried to resist coming to that same fate, I would like to acknowledge right here and now that almost everything in this blog is truly a remix, consciously or unconsciously. But then, almost everything in life is a remix. To put it simply: Many of my students have told me that English is a difficult language to learn.  The goal of this site is to make that task easier, and the content of this site has come from a variety of sources.

Donna W.

CA Teaching Credential, Single Subject English
B.A. English Literature                                                                                                            B.A. Psychology                                                                                                                                    M.A. English candidate (which means I haven’t finished graduate school yet)


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